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Neiman Marcus hosts Ralph Rucci

Neiman Marcus hosts Ralph Rucci

Neiman Marcus hosts Ralph Rucci | SFLUXE

Ralph Rucci of Chado Ralph Rucci recently made a personal appearance at Neiman Marcus Union Square, where he showcased his Fall 2010 collection of exquisite gowns, furs and separates.

Ralph Rucci, Suzy Kellems Dominik

The highlight of the evening was a candid interview, hosted by Carolyne Zinko of The San Francisco Chronicle, with topics that ranged from Rucci’s views on the current fashion world to which book he is reading.

Doug Davis, Betty O’Shaughnessy

Guests that came out for this exclusive event included Ken Paige, Dorothy Paige, Denise Hale, Serge Sorokko, Tatiana Sorokko, Michael McDonald, Patrick McDonald (visiting form New York), Joel Goodrich, Jesse Garza, Suzy Dominik, Clara Shayevich and Sobia Shaikh.

Betty O’Shaughnessy, Diana Kissil
Leah Wade, Lauren Maita
Lauren Maita

Clara Shayevich, Ralph Rucci
Michael McDonald, David Nash, Ralph Rucci, Tatiana Sorokko, Patrick McDonald
Vicki Winston, Sobia Shaikh
Ricky Serbin, Lucy Buchanan
Lauren Maita, Leah Wade
Denise Hale, Ralph Rucci