Mystery Solved.

SFluxe will not reveal the name of the man Valleywag called “The Freaky Mogul of Pac Heights” because he is not well known, and one doesn’t want to bring embarrassment to a mere civilian.

But I can report that I’ve seen his MySpace page, which includes two photos. You know Bull on the ’80s sitcom “Night Court”? He looks sort of like that. His MySpace profile pretty much matches his Craigslist ad, but with one big exception. His age. On Craigslist he’s 40, whereas he’s 35 on MySpace. (I’ve noticed that MySpace has a way of doing that to folks!) Oh, and at MySpace and elsewhere he’s almost obsessively into interracial porn.

But here’s the thing, folks. He’s not rich. Probably doesn’t live in Pacific Heights (I mean, hello, a pool in the back yard?) And he’s been trying to ensnare gold-digger white ladies through craigslist for over a year. Here’s an email he wrote to someone who responded to his ad back in 2006. She put it online:

“i have to say that im not a wealthy man. im far from it. basically im starting over in life. i made some mistakes. however, im going to start fresh and rebuild my life. i can elaborate more indepth if you like.
there is so much more to discuss but only if you are interested. chances are you will tell me to go to hell. i wont blame you. i just felt it was wrong to keep on misleading you and getting your hopes up for possibly meeting a wealthy man. even though i feel that i have it in me to be a good man to a lady like you, im nowhere near financially able to provide the kind of life that you expect from a man. im a very dominant, aggressive man in bed. i love treating a lady like a lady out of bed, a slutty whore in bed. i have an active imagination, i love being creative with the right lady. “

Disappointed, aren’t you? But at least you found out now, before packing up the moving van and heading off to your new Pacific Heights love nest! Just another reason to read SFluxe.