Meet Vijay Mallya

There’s a really interesting article in “The Independent” (London) about Vijay Mallya, the billionaire founder of India’s Kingfisher Airlines. Described as a brash eccentric dripping in diamonds, “the Richard Branson of India” actually maintains his family home… where?

That’s right.

San Francisco, where he lives with his wife and three kids. He has a castle in Scotland and over 20 properties elsewhere around the world, but it’s here that he calls home (well, actually his house is in Sausalito, but to someone writing in London, Sausalito is San Francisco. I’m fine with that.) An interesting man… you can read about him at the two articles below.

  • Article: “The Vijay Mallya show swings into Scotland” [The Independent]
  • Article: “Vijay Mallya is not your typical brewer” [SF Chronicle, 2003]