Marissa Mayer is in Vogue

Marissa Mayer, Photographed by Norman Jean Roy for Vogue.

We are thrilled to see that Marissa Mayer is featured this month by Vogue. We’ve enjoyed writing about her various social appearances over the years, since she first came to our attention in April 2007 — we find her charming, engaging, and with a phenomenally quick mind, all of which is captured in the Vogue article. And even though she’s been featured in the Times, Fortune, Forbes, CNBC, CNN and everywhere else important — well, to us, it’s bigger to be in Vogue. Sally Singer’s profile is surprisingly in-depth, and fun to read — so check it out!

Oh, and our favorite part of the piece? We know it’s not very serious, but we loved that she said she started using SK-II skincare because of Cate Blanchett’s endorsement. We may know some people who did the same thing. Good to see that celebrity endorsements really do work. (And who wouldn’t want Cate Blanchett skin?)

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Photo: Norman Jean Roy []