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Lynne Benioff’s High Fashion Moment

Lynne Benioff’s High Fashion Moment

Lynne Benioff's High Fashion Moment | SFLUXE
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Marc Benioff and Lynne Benioff in September, 2012

San Francisco’s Lynne Benioff, the philanthropist married to founder and CEO Marc Benioff, recently received some major fashion love from Vogue’s Andre Leon Talley. As Allison Speer pointed out to us, ALT raved in his column about Mrs. Benioff’s style when he saw her in the White House for President Obama’s Inaugural Brunch, calling her appearance “the highest fashion moment” of the event.

Writing at, he said:

“Upstairs, in my black Russian broadtail coat, designed exclusively for me by Karl Lagerfeld at Fendi years ago, it was a toss-up between my coat and Lynne Benioff as the unofficial star of the reception. Or as Benioff, an Obama supporter from San Francisco, said to me, ‘You are like Fashion Santa, sitting here,’ since everyone wanted to have a photo taken with me. ‘It’s almost as if they should sit on your lap and tell you their wishes.’ I owe a great deal to that coat–Secret Service agents, White House ushers, elevator operators, and staffers alike loved it. It was the first grab as I packed at 2:00 in the morning prior to the drive down from New York.

Benioff, I noticed, wore classic Manolos, a Bottega Veneta shoulder bag, and a stunning Dolce & Gabbana dress. It was the highest fashion moment in the two-hour brunch, after the First Lady’s. I knew Benioff had a great Inaugural dress, and she showed it to me on her iPhone: Tom Ford’s black appliqued stenciled-pattern alligator column. She’s a big Tom Ford dresser, also revealing what she will wear to a party she and her husband are hosting at the Four Seasons Hotel on Sunday–a favorite Tom Ford shirt and skirt.”

Lynne Benioff with Graff’s Henri Barguirdjian – with Jennifer Siebel Newsom

Of course, readers of have been hip to Lynne Benioff’s understated chic for a while, as captured by Drew Altizer at various events such as the opening of Graff last year, and at the annual fundraisers the Benioffs throw for the UCSF Children’s Hospital.

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