Loving Landrin Chocolates

We’ve been enjoying Landrin Chocolates at parties throughout San Francisco lately — at a penthouse fundraiser for Joe Alioto, Jr., a luncheon for supporters of Raphael House, at a fashion show for the Arthritis Foundation, and at the Fleet Week party at Pier 39 — and it’s now to the point where we actively seek them out because we love them so!

Well what a small world. It turns out that one of the Russian chocolatiers top executives in the United States, Stan Kisselev, is the son of one of our dearest friends in San Francisco, Ludmila Eggleton! We’re hoping it pays to have friends who are well connected. And by “well-connected” we don’t mean in politics, business or Hollywood — we mean chocolate!

For those of you who don’t have a friend (we love you Ludmila!) who has a son with a warehouse full of delicious chocolates (the Waferatto Gold, with a hazelnut filling is our favorite), you can now locate Landrins in the flower department of your local Safeway. With their beautiful, delicate packaging, they make easy but impressive gifts.

Our only complaint — non of their chocolates are nut-allergy-safe (that is to say, they contain nuts, and/or are produced in factories where other products containing nuts are made.) Right now they just have a few products, so we hope that as the company expands in the US they will offer treats for those who have food allergies! In the meantime the Bay Allergy Advisory Board has created a list of safe sweets for allergy sufferers.