Louis Vuitton Adopts Safran Impérial As Its New Color

Louis Vuitton packaging has just been updated with a striking shade of saffron, replacing the company’s iconic brown shade.

Louis Vuitton's New Saffron Packaging
Louis Vuitton’s New Saffron Packaging

Called “Safran Impérial”, the color has been a part of the leather goods maker’s brand heritage for more than 150 years, used in many of Louis Vuitton’s traditional pieces from the brand’s history, including the “Citroën” automotive trunk, made for Andre Citroën’s voyage to Africa in 1924.

A Piece Inspired by the Citroën Trunk
A Piece Inspired by the Citroën Trunk of 1924

Louis Vuitton has also decided to go for the use of raw cotton to show a commitment to sustainability.

Source: luxury daily