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Louis Vuitton Party

Louis Vuitton Party

Louis Vuitton Party | SFLUXE 2

The Louis Vuitton party last week turned out to be the event of the month.

The event marked the grand opening of the Louis Vuitton “Maison”, which is exists in only four other Vuitton cities: Paris, Hong Kong, Taipei, New York.

The Maison spotlighted the work of artist Teresita Fernandez, and it seems that every well-dressed person in San Francisco was there to celebrate the opening.

Pat Murphy of The Sentinel has an excellent report of the party. And below are the photos that Stacy Cahill took for Drew Altizer’s agency! Enjoy.

Martin and Rosalina Lyndster, Craig Lipton, Joel Goodrich, Justin Fichelson

Daniel Lalonde, Shelly Kramer, Lenny Wilkens, Marilyn Wilkens
Lily Samii, Kate Horan
Gurbaksh Chahal (“G”), Naveen Singha
Nicole Bulick, Paul Pelosi, Jr., and Karen Caldwell
Daniel Lalonde, Joy Venutrini Bianchi, Teresite Fernandes, Denise Hale
Kimberly Bakker, Marcy Carmack, Kimberly Karp, Dr. Bruce Woodward, Jill Ritchie
James Joaquin, Zem Joaquin, Erin Meyers, Hooman
Heather Vandenberghe, Karen Watkins
Charisse Nash, Cara Cutter
Claudia Ross, Denise Hale
Gavin Newsom, Justin Fichelson
Karen Caldwell
Elizabeth Thompson, Andrea Schnitzer, Tenika Small
Ariane Maclean, Katherine Jacobus
Jeff Griffin, Denise Bradley
Sarah Abramson
Lisa Alexander, Sonya Molodetskaya
Elizabeth Touw
Charisse Nash
Cara Cutter
Daniel LaLonde, Isha and Asim Abdullah
LaLonde with Paul Pelosi, Jr.
Michael Murphy, Denise Hale
Teresita Fernandes, Daniel LaLonde
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