Look of the Day: Keylee Sanders and Elizabeth Touw | SFLUXE 2

Look of the Day: Keylee Sanders and Elizabeth Touw

Sometimes it’s hard to strike the right balance between what’s fashionable and what’s sexy. Often they don’t go together at all. Remember all those chic shapeless Prada suits in the ’90s? Fashionable, yes. Sexy? Not so much.

But for getting it absolutely right, we must mention stylist, Keylee Sanders, and her friend Elizabeth Ebbesen Touw. We love their look at the recent Gucci store opening at 240 Stockton Street. They effortlessly combine a youthful, California-girl sexiness with tailored, city-woman sophistication. (Plus, we have never seen a pair of gold shoes we didn’t absolutely love.)

Keylee, incidentally, is going to appear live on The CW Network (home of Gossip Girl!) on December 4th, 2008, giving fashion tips on the Daily Buzz. But to read her fashion tips and insights online, you can actually just go to Style Studio right now.