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Look of the Day: Justin Fichelson

Justin Fchelson (right) with Gavin Newsom

Whether seen in black-tie, chatting at the Opera with longtime pal, Gavin Newsom, meeting Danielle Steel at the opening of Le Club, or just making an appearance at important social events, Justin Fichelson is always flawless in his appearance.

His look is the perfect model for any man in San Francisco who is involved in business, politics or philanthropy. The challenges that professional men in the City always face is how to look like an authority, while fitting in with the youthful, casual mindset that rules California style in general. One has to find the balance between looking sloppy and too “dressed up”. Justin does it with tailored, conservative suits and sports jackets, worn with versatile shirts that can quickly be dressed up or down with a tie, depending on the situation.

While one can tell he only wears quality designs, from stores such as Barney’s and Ralph Lauren, he doesn’t appear to be concerned with the whims of fashion – a true sign of someone with a strong, independent style.