Live Without Back Pain

As we know that so many of you spend multiple hours in front of the computer every day, it’s likely you’ll experience aches and pains in your back at some point.

As we were looking for some simple treatments for back pain ourselves recently, we ran across a website we encourage you to check out, called Back2Yourself.

Back2Yourself describes themselves as “an innovative online exercise platform designed specifically for people suffering from back pain.”

They give you some simple daily exercise routines, give you the ability to do self-evaluation tracking, and support from their team.

We were interested to learn that studies show that chronic (recurring) back pain is reduced by back exercises which target core muscle strength. How nice to not have to rely on prescription drugs, if you can avoid it!

On average, improved core muscle strength results in less pain episodes, shorter episodes, and faster and easier recovery.

Go to to check out this new program.

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