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Live. Love. Luxe. San Francisco, 2009.

Live. Love. Luxe. San Francisco, 2009.

Live. Love. Luxe. San Francisco, 2009. | SFLUXE 2

As you may have read at “SF Unzipped” or “SFBayStyle,” the second anniversary of this websitce was recently celebrated at a luncheon at Orson, hosted by friends Mireille Schwartz and Joel Goodrich.

Mireille Schwartz, Orson executive chef Elizabeth Falkner, Joel Goodrich

Jewelry designer Amber Marie Bently surprised me at the event with a beautiful pendant that she created herself. The pendant reads “Live, Love, Luxe” — three words which I’ve taken as the new tagline for the site. With I’ve tried to celebrate the ways in which one truly lives well in San Francisco, and I think those three words are a wonderful summary of what we strive for.

Damion Matthews and Amber Marie Bently

The luncheon was a wonderful opportunity to give my appreciation to some of my readers, new friends, and people featured on the site, who have made SFLuxe such fun to produce over the past two years. For 2009, my hope for all of you is that you live life to the fullest, with love in your heart every day, and the ability to enjoy the true luxury of living well in San Francisco.


Orson is an excellent space for large private events, and the food and service is divine.

Justin Fichelson and Kim Miller

Vicki Winston and David Gorsky

Ricky Serbin, Marcy Carmack and Alan Malouf

Afsaneh Akhtari and Jorge Maumer – Charleston Pierce and Mireille Schwartz

Dan Dieguez and Carolyne Zinko

Moya Stone, John Hadeed, Jennifer Raiser

Claudia Juestel, Justin Fichelson, Andrea Schnitzer, Joel Goodrich

Jenna Lidell Hunt, Stacey Gordon

Derek Holbrook

Claudia Ross, Damion Matthews, Kelly Grimes

Lindsay Bolton, Lisa Alexander, Elizabeth Touw


Princess Fati Farmanfarmaian – Fariba Rezvani, Joel Goodrich

Keylee Sanders, Alan Malouf, Jeannie Taylor

Melodie Johnson, Mark Calvano – Angelique Griepp, Lisa Mirza Grotts

Jennifer Raiser

Sonya Molodetskaya

Amber Marie Bently

Karen Tamblyn

Francein Hanson

Clara Shayevich

Erin Laurence

Marcy Carmack

Claudia Juestel

Elizabeth Touw

Keylee Sanders

Fariba Rezvani

Angelique Griepp