Live like Tom Perkins on Land if Not by Sea

The San Francisco Chronicle Magazine published an excerpt on Sunday from David Kaplan‘s new book “Mine’s Bigger: Tom Perkins and the Greatest Sailing Machine Ever Built.” The story is about Tom Perkins’ beautiful yacht, the Maltese Falcon. An interesting read as a magazine article, but I can’t imagine how on earth it became a book. Indeed, as someone anonymously wrote at Mr. Perkins’ blog, it is “mostly a rehash of old public material from the owner’s personal and business life, and only partly about the yacht.” You know how it goes.

Tom himself has pointed out that “There will be a superb ‘coffee table’ book out in the fall on the Maltese Falcon, published by the people at The Yacht Report, consisting mostly of wonderful photos from really top photographers.”That’s the book I’m looking forward to, because this is truly a beautiful boat (I don’t care how long or how expensive she is.) I love, especially, the Maltese Falcon name and logo, wonderfully evocative of old San Francisco at its most worldly, sophisticated and mysterious.

You can see more photos of the Maltese Falcon, and read about her travels, at And while you can’t have the boat, the magnificent Tom Perkins estate in Belvedere could be yours for just over $20 million.

Located on a 40,000 square foot lot on Belvedere’s best block, there are too many features for me to summarize here. You can see all of the photos and read the details at, which is presented by Mr. Perkins’ agent, Olivia Hsu Decker. As the multi-million dollar market is currently approaching Global Warming levels of hotness in the bay area, I suspect it’s not going to be available much longer!

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