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Life’s a Ball in Vienna

Life’s a Ball in Vienna

Life's a Ball in Vienna | SFLUXE 2

Anna Piaggi, last week, in Vienna

What is going on in Vienna? Three SFluxe friends have been there this month alone; most recently, the writer Glenn Belverio, who’s been titillating me with tales of his trip, to cover Life Ball 2007 (which featured former San Francisco resident, Sharon Stone.) He said the event was “something like an imaginary collaboration between Walt Disney and Leni Riefenstahl, if Leni had possessed a sense of humor.”

Vivienne Westwood and Richie Rich

Belverio, author of Confessions from the Velvet Ropes, has just shared an absolutely hilarious account of the visit, on his website. It was a non-stop 48-hour party, with guests ranging from Jenna Jameson and Vivienne Westwood, to Lance Bass, Mya, and the “Dueling Donatellas” (you’ll have to see for yourself!). Check it out, but be careful– some of the images may not be suitable for work.