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Life and Art of Morton Levin

On Tuesday the 8th, Joy Venturini Bianchi is hosting a celebration in honor of artist Morton Levin and The Special Friends of Helpers.

When I caught up with Mrs. Bianchi a few days ago she told me about the horrible attack that Levin recently suffered, when after leaving a downtown art gallery at closing time he was beaten to a pulp on the street.

“His painting hand is ruined, and he has 38 stitches in his mouth. His jaw was broken. His ribs were broken. He can never paint like he did,” she told me.

Levin, who created this delightfully whimsical illustration of Audrey Hepburn as a mouse, creates such a boisterous, passionate art — it’s hurtful not just to him that his ability to create was hindered, but to the culture as a whole.

You can see more samples of Levin’s art at