Let MGM Grand's SKYLOFTS Take You to New Heights

BY Damion Matthews - August 10, 2013

MGM Grand's SKYLOFTS lets you really enjoy the view of Las Vegas.

MGM Grand's SKYLOFTS refers to the attentive, refined and stylish service of the well-known boutique hotel in Las Vegas. Not only does it come with impressive resort amenities, but it also provides stunning views of Las Vegas as a whole.

You will fall in love with MGM Grand's SKYLOFTS the minute you walk in.

MGM Grand's SKYLOFTS provides an amazing hotel experience right from the first time you set foot into their lobby and penthouse. The two-story suites in MGM Grand's SKYLOFTS all come with a butler, a chauffeur and a personal concierge, taking personalized service to a whole new level in Las Vegas.

Enjoy a lavish bath at MGM Grand's SKYLOFTS.

Tony Chi, the visionary designer of MGM Grand's SKYLOFTS came up with a modern and sleek look that brings together sophisticated style and functional design similar to what you would see in Hong Kong or New York. The loft spaces all have a residential feel to them, as well, with expansive entertainment and dining areas and lavish bathrooms, as well as spa butlers, fully-stocked refrigerators and the latest technologies for your utmost convenience and comfort.

MGM Grand's SKYLOFTS has all you could ever want or need.

The 2-bedroom lofts in MGM Grand's SKYLOFTS even have their own fitness room, library, billiard table, outdoor patio, kitchen and plunge pool. Thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows that every loft in MGM Grand's SKYLOFTS has, you can also enjoy the gorgeous views that Las Vegas has to offer at any time.

MGM Grand's SKYLOFTS is definitely the place to be in Las Vegas.

Once you decide to hit the city, you can get access to all of the world-class entertainment, nightlife and dining venues found in MGM Grand itself. This way, you can indulge in all of the famous delights and thrills that everybody loves about Las Vegas with a private retreat and sanctuary available to you at any time in MGM Grand's SKYLOFTS.


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