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Lauren Santo Domingo’s Very Classy Party in San Francisco

Lauren Santo Domingo’s Very Classy Party in San Francisco

Lauren Santo Domingo's Very Classy Party in San Francisco | SFLUXE

“What’s really fun is getting stuff first, and having the best!”

Who could disagree with that? That’s how Lauren Santo Domingo recently described the experience of shopping on her new site,, a site poised to radically disrupt the luxury retail business.

lauren santo domingo

Derek Blasberg and Lauren Santo Domingo

Lauren has taken the concept of the trunk show – a decades old practice of previewing and selling a collection to regular customers months before the clothing is scheduled to arrive in stores – and brought it up-to-date by letting customers shop from a collection mere minutes after it appears on the runway!

lauren santo domingo, vanessa getty

Alexis Traina, Lauren Santo Domingo, Derek Blasberg, Vanessa Getty

The Vogue contributing editor and entrepreneur was in San Francisco recently to co-host a party with Alexis Traina and Vanessa Getty for her friend Derek Blasberg’s new book “Very Classy.” She spoke a little about the site.

“I’ve been at Vogue for 10 years, and one thing that I have is a lot of access. And that’s what I wanted to share with Moda Operandi members,” she said.

After becoming a member of the site (which is free, but by invitation only), you’re able to pre-order your favorite looks from the collections being featured that day.

“You put a deposit down, and then it’s shipped to you later. It’s an online trunk show,” she explained. “It’s a ‘very classy’ way of shopping.”

At the “Very Classy” party, there were already a few women wearing pieces from the site, including the always fashionable Sobia Shaikh in a look we saw on the runway just a few months ago. It was an incredibly chic group of women, as Derek noted when he spoke — with classy brevity — about his book.

derek blasberg

Derek Blasberg signing “Very Classy”

“I feel kind of ridiculous telling all of you women about it, because obviously none of you need it!” he said, keeping his remarks to the minimum.

Guests were eager to get a signed copy of the book. Alexis Traina had already read it and was full of praise.

“It has delicious commentary, hilarious photos, and you actually will recognize a lot of different types of people throughout the book,” she joked. “‘I know her! I’ve seen that girl at the airport! I’ve seen her at the bathroom!'”

But you couldn’t see an un-classy girl at the event that night, in a room which included elegant women like Katie Traina, Sloan Barnett, Jennifer Raiser, Allison Speer, Ghislaine Maxwell, Christine Suppes, Karen Caldwell, Carol Bonnie, Paula Carano, Stephanie Ejabat, Anne Waterman and others.

But the biggest compliment was given by Lauren herself, speaking of Alexis and Vanessa – “Our hosts are the classiest ladies I know!”

vandy boudreau

Suzanne Levit and Vandy Boudreau

todd traina

deepa pakianathan

Todd Traina and Katie Traina – Afsaneh Akhtari and Deepa Pakianathan

Pam Baer

Stephanie Milligan, Jesscia Moment, Kim Gilbert, Pam Baer

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Carol Bonnie, Vandy Boudreau, Jenna Hunt, Suzanne Levit

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Paula Carano

Paula Carano and Vanessa Getty

ann waterman
lyle maltz

Maca Huneeus and Anne Waterman – Lyle Maltz and Derek Blasberg

lauren santo domingo

Lauren Santo Domingo and Kate Harbin

alison sonsini
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