Larry Page and his Helicopter | SFLUXE 1

Larry Page and his Helicopter

Photo of Larry Page’s helicopter, via Niall Kennedy at

Google’s Larry Page flew into Sebastopol, 45 minutes north of San Francisco, over the weekend to attend the popular Foo Camp, put on by the O’Reilly publishers. Everyone else took a car. He took a helicopter, which is great because plenty of photos were taken and now the whole world can know what his helicopter looks like.

It was rather hot that day in Sebastopol, as you can see by this unfortunate photo of Page himself. It’s nice to see that he’s drinking a Diet Coke… to cool off.

So mementous was the occasion of Page’s arrival, the folks at Laughing Squid captured it on video.

Screen capture from “The Helicopter Lands”, via Laughing Squid.