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Larry Ellison and Melanie Ellison host Sloan Barnett

Larry Ellison and Melanie Ellison host Sloan Barnett

Larry Ellison and Melanie Ellison host Sloan Barnett | SFLUXE 1

It was the book party to end all book parties. Last week Melanie and Larry Ellison opened up their Pacific Heights home to celebrate the publication of “Green Goes With Everything,” by Sloan Barnett, bringing out some of the most impressive names in technology, philanthropy, business and entertainment.

Sloan Barnett, Melanie Ellison, Allison Speer

Sloan has spent the last year-and-half researching and writing the book – her first (and surely not her last!) – and was clearly excited to be able to share it with her closest friends and other well wishers.

Among those in attendance: Vanessa Getty, Arianna Huffington, Willow Bay, Zem Joaquin, Denise Hale, Danielle Steel, Marissa Mayer, Lucy Southworth, Dawn Ostroff, Trevor Traina, Daphne Zuniga, Paul Pelosi, et cetera, et cetera… hey, just see for yourself (photos thanks to Drew Altizer).

Incidentally, the “Forbes 400 Richest People in America” list was represented by three families in the room: Melanie Ellison (wife of Larry Ellison, ranked as no. 3 on the list with a net worth of $27 billion); Lucy Southworth (wife of Google’s Larry Page, ranked as no. 14 on the list, worth $15.8 billion), and John Pritzker (no. 246 on the list, worth $1.9 billion.)

Lucy Southworth with Melanie Ellison

Sloan (in a beautiful Oscar de la Renta dress) with Dawn Ostroff. Don’t know who she is? Ms. Ostroff is the TV executive who gave us “Gossip Girl”! Love her! And we love the view from the Ellison house, as well.

Gary and O.J. Shansby
Lucy Southworth
Vanessa Getty

It was a true delight to speak with Arianna Huffington. How does she manage to run a news and blogging empire, write her books, appear on TV and radio, slay her opponents while charming everyone else, and appear so totally calm and collected at a cocktail party after having probably no sleep in days? I must know her secret!

Beth Townsend with her mother, Nancy Gilbert, and Lisa Goldman. This was the first time I met Nancy Gilbert and, I must say – what a wonderfully lively and interesting woman!

Zem Joaquin with Lucy Southworth
Marissa Mayer with Zach Bogue

When I got home after the party I immediately began reading “Green Goes with Everything” and it’s really a very useful, practical and important book. I’m always thinking of ways to improve health and quality of life, and it has some helpful tips. Here are a few things I’m going to implement from the book:

  • If I can’t pronounce it, I don’t buy it
  • If it has more than four syllables, I don’t buy it
  • If it has a number somewhere in its name, I don’t buy it

Simple! But it shouldn’t be difficult to live well, and that’s why the book is valuable – it’s a guide to living well in a relatively simple way.

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