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Ladies, Lock up your LV

Ladies, Lock up your LV

… and watch your Prada, too.

I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but there’s a thief in town who has a taste for high-end fashion and accessories, and you’ve probably met him. You may have even had him in your home!

This person has been featured in “7×7” and “San Francisco” magazines for his fashion sense, has shown up nude on MySpace, and earlier this month appeared at the local jail for trying to snatch designer goods from Neiman Marcus.

I mean, good heavens, Neimans! Can you imagine?

How low!

SFluxe was alerted to the incident (or, as a matter of fact, three incidents!) by a tartly tongued social insider who observed, “It’s possible that he’s come to the conclusion that if jail is good enough for Paris, Nicole and Lindsay, it’s good enough for him too!”

My informant adds, “Talk around town is that [he] regularly practiced his ‘five-finger discount’ methods in high-end boutiques and smaller vintage and resale shops.” At one point he was even asked by the owners of one small clothing store in the area not to come in anymore.

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I struggled with the question of whether it would be fair to publish this individual’s mugshot — several friends cautioned against it. But if you think you know who he is after reading this, you’re probably right.

And in another legal matter…

Good news came last week for Paul Pelosi, Jr. (son of Speaker of the House.) A stipulated judgement was issued in his favor in the amount of $500,000, with payments to begin in November this year. Pelosi’s lawsuit against Gary Rossi involved Pelosi’s 2005 purchase of a 15% ownership in a 7-unit property at 104-114 Presidio Avenue in San Francisco.

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