Kimberly Bakker’s Popov Portrait

Valentin Popov signing copies of his book.

Last week I quickly dropped by the Modernism Gallery in San Francisco to see the exhibit of Valentin Popov‘s work, which is absolutely wonderful.

The most exciting moment was to see the stunning portrait he did of Kimberly Bakker.

She graciously took a moment to pose for me in front of the painting, which shows her as a sort of luscious siren preparing for an evening out. I really admire the way he depicted her staring into the mirror with cold, steely gaze, in juxtaposition to the melting sensuality of her pose. The radiance of her hair and skin is beautiful! It’s truly a great portrait, and brings Sargent’s “Madame X” straight into 21st century San Francisco!

  • Artist: Valentin Popov []
  • Exhibit: “Valentin Popv: Then and Now,” at Modernism Gallery [685 Market Street]
  • Photos: Damion Matthews []