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Look of the Day: Kevin Whittaker

Look of the Day: Kevin Whittaker

Look of the Day: Kevin Whittaker | SFLUXE 2

SFLuxe is a fan of the ascot, that item of men’s neckwear, popular in the 19th century, that’s like a cross between a scarf and a tie. But in attempting to find one, disappointment always sets in upon seeing the few options out there (usually on ebay), which are just too stodgy and bourgeois, as if made for Palm Beach retirees circa 1982.

We want something between Beau Brummell and Ralph Furley, with the elegance of the Duke of Windsor and the sportiness of Jeremy Priven, without the formality of the former or sleaziness of the latter.


Finally, we have found exactly the perfect ascot, and the designer is based right here in San Francisco! The Blind Bunney collection of ascots (shown above), designed by Kevin Whittaker, feature fabrics that pair perfectly with a wide range of looks, taking one from street to the office to the Symphony.

Kevin Whittaker in one of his designs

While the ascot may not yet be appropriate for many business environments, we find it’s a perfect option for a relaxed office where one doesn’t want to be too formal in a traditional tie nor too casual with an unbuttoned shirt. It gives any look just a bit of understated flair.

We find that Kevin Whittaker himself is the best model for the ascot. One often sees him around town at gallery openings, charity events and fashion shows sporting one of his designs, which he wears with a youthful, casual elegance which seems especially appropriate for San Francisco.

You can see selections from the Blind Bunney collection at or email Kevin directly for ordering information. One of his designs, in dark burgundy with a hint of gold, can be purchased online for $75.00 through

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