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Ken Fulk’s Peep Show Revealed

Ken Fulk’s Peep Show Revealed

Ken Fulk's Peep Show Revealed | SFLUXE
Vanessa Getty, Ken Fulk, Denise Hale

Ken Fulk recently opened his new retail shop with the usual pomp and circumstance we all have come to expect of him.Peep Show, a 3,000 sf concept store housed on the ground floor of his 7th Street warehouse, is stocked with unique furnishings, accessories, art and fashion, put together by the multi-talented designer in the same uncompromising, iconoclastic manner with which he approaches interior design.

peep show gallery
Peep Show Gallery

The selection is full of contradictions, from the formal, such as bespoke menswear by Chado Ralph Rucci, bowties handmade from vintage Hermes scarves, and Wedgwood basaltware, to the attractively lascivious, expressed in monogrammed leather “love-slappers,” linen cocktail napkins embroidered with abbreviated classified ads, all paying homage to the building’s history as a former S & M leather factory, and the unapologetically bizarre, such as light fixtures made from taxidermy animals.

View of the Peep Show Gallery from the mezzanine

The shop’s library includes books of interior design, erotic photography and fashion, while the gallery exhibits a rotating collection of vintage paintings and contemporary artwork, such as the current exhibition of large-scale photography by Robert Stivers and Michael Stuetz. In contrast, the back of the shop boasts a comparatively tame floral atelier where custom arrangements can be ordered.

Ralph Rucci and Tatiana Sorokko

Chado Ralph Rucci display at Peep Show Gallery
A Guest with Denise Hale, Ken Fulk, and Mark Leno
Melissa Barber, Sobia Shaikh, Nadir Shaikh
Michael Boodro and Keith Scott
Display of vintage furniture and accessories at Peep Show Gallery

A group of more than 600 select San Franciscans from the apexes of Pacific Heights and Nob Hill to the depths of South of Market, with a sprinkling of Silicon Valley powerhouses, got a sneak preview of the shop with a party only Fulk would dream of.

Circus performers and leather-clad models greeted guests into the decadence of Peep Show, led them to the carnival in the parking lot and onto all floors of the building where a white rabbit, a burlesque snake dancer, and a contortionist created exciting disorder. A drag queen fortuneteller promised tantalizing futures, and waitresses in burlesque costumes served much wanted libations. Presiding over the deliciously unruly bunch was ring mistress Sarah Lynch, the former editor in chief of California Home and Design magazine, and now Director of Marketing & Events at Ken Fulk, Inc.

Afsaneh Akhtari, Deepa Pakianathan
Gatekeepers – Sconce made with butterflies at Peep Show Gallery
Performers – Lex and Michael Downing
Snake dancer – Debbie Kay and Alison Pincus
A Guest with Kurt Wootton, Victoire Reynal Brown – Ricky Serbin
Peep Show Gallery – Brenda Mickel and Ned Mosbey

Down from the Hills and Heights of San Francisco came Denise Hale, Vanessa Getty, Maria Manetti Farrow, Sobia and Nadir Shaikh, Kathryn and Bo Lasater, Pasha Thornton, Melissa Barber and Senator Mark Leno.

Also in attendance were technology luminati Xochi and Michael Birch, Michael Downing with wife Lex Downing and Nirav Tolia, plus chefs extraordinaire Nancy Oakes and Gary Danko, as well as a slew of Fulk’s colleagues from the world of design, among them architects Andrew Skurman and Richard Beard, interior designers Douglas Durkin, Steven Volpe, Jay Jeffers, Steven Miller, Brenda Mickel, Matthew MacCaul Turner, Will Wick, Michael Friedes, and Benjamin Dhong, antiques dealers Ed Hardy, Candace Barnesand Gabriela Sarlo, Restoration Hardware’s CEO Gary Friedman and landscape architect Todd Cole, and not to be missed the founding ladies of One Kings Lane Alison Pincus and Susan Feldman.

Jeffrey Alan Marks and Ross Cassidy

Fresh in from LA came “Million Dollar Decorators” Jeffrey Allen Marks and Ross Cassidy who divided their weekend between San Francisco and Healdsburg where they attended a dinner in their honor at home of the queen of alpaca Sandra Jordan.

Greg Lopez, Maria Manetti Farrow, Paul Weaver – Lindsay Bolton, Serena Fairchild, Kate Chung
Andrew Skurman and Vanessa Getty – Katya Smirnoff-Skyy
Henry Urbach and Stephen Hartman – Matthew Stoops, Aron Carmanis, Kevin Clarke, Steven Miller, Monique Jenkinson, Karl Soehnlein
Malin Giddings, Lonna Wais, a Guest and Ken Fulk – Menswear display at Peep Show Gallery
Serge Sorokko and Suzy Kellems Dominik – Steven Miller
Michael Boodro and Jeffrey Alan Marks – Jay Jeffers and Douglas Durkin
Will Wick and Jennifer Kelly – Claudia Ross

The fashionable, fashion experts and fashion designers were also at hand. Joy Bianchi, Summer Tompkins Walker, Suzy Kellems Dominik, Brenda Zarate, Ricky Serbin in a floor length fox fur coat, Keith Scott, and late arrival Ralph Rucci himself in a-to-die-for black crocodile leather jacket.

Also the art world took notice with Henry Urbach former Curator of Art and Architecture at SFMOMA, bicoastal art advisor Holly Baxter, and photographers Robert Stivers and Michael Stuetz. The gals of PR and press would not miss it: Claudia Ross who had the host’s name “tattooed” on her lower back, Jessica Mullens in a vintage top hat, the ever understated Diane Dorrans Saeks and Alisa Carrol, as well as Carolyne Zinko, and Jennifer Raiser adorned with a red corset, black satin hot pants and black stripe stockings; neither did Elle Decor’s Editor in Chief Michael Boodro who flew in from New York.

Joy Bianchi, Ralph Rucci, Tatiana Sorokko
Mezzanine of the Peep Show Gallery with photograph “Hand” by Robert Stivers
James Marzo, Claudia Juestel, Ed Hardy
Matt Dick, Nirav Tolia, Jessica Mullens
Betsy Dalkert, Melissa Barber, Jennifer Raiser
Michael Purdy, Sasha Eisner, Gabriella Sarlo
Jonathan Lazar, Brenda Zarate, Mark Calvano, and Guest
Peep Show Gallery

Peep Show is located at 310 7th Street at Folsom and will be open by appointment only by calling (415) 285-1164.