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Kelly Porter’s Extreme Makeover

Kelly Porter’s Extreme Makeover

Kelly Porter's Extreme Makeover | SFLUXE


Kelly Porter goes from meh to mmm for Forbes

Forbes Magazine recently went to Stonebrook Court, Kelly Porter’s magnificent home in Los Altos Hills, to give some Silicon Valley movers and shakers a bit of a makeover.

Mr. Porter said the magazine “did their best to clean up a few of us with an extreme makeover. It was a blast!” Wearing a Tom Ford suit with hat from Ermenegildo Zegna and a Cartier watch (total cost $12,940), his makeover was probably the most dramatic, as he appears to have been wearing Obama’s mom jeans in the “before” shot.

The others involved included Tim Chang of Mayfield Fund; Peter Pham of Science, Inc; Kirsten Green of Forerunner Ventures; Saad Khan of CMEA Capital; Shawn Carolan of Menlo Ventures; Harry Weller of New Enterprise Associates; and Eric Chin of Crosslink Capital.

Some of the folks didn’t really need a makeover, like Tim Chang who has an innate sense of style, and the beautiful Kirsten Green, but some of the other guys… well, judge for yourself!