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Karl Lagerfeld’s New Campaign

Karl Lagerfeld’s New Campaign

Karl Lagerfeld's New Campaign | SFLUXE 1

Here are the first images from Karl Lagerfeld’s Spring 2009 ad campaign for Chanel, shot in November at his new Vermont home (we kid you not, the man recently bought a house in Grand Isle, Vermont, in the Lake Champlain Islands. Built in 1843, he only paid about $500,000 for it, and is going to use it to house his collection of Biedermeier furniture, from his childhood.)


The campaign is the first glimpse anyone has had of the home, which so far seems void of any furniture.

“It’s very Emily Dickinson. In fact it’s almost Puritanical,” says Karl of the Vermont home. “For me it’s a new form of modesty.”


It’s also perfectly in line with the times, isn’t it? Stealth wealth, darlings! Stealth wealth.

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