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John Varvatos Launch

John Varvatos Launch

Gurbaksh Chahal, John Varvatos

If you weren’t at the mega-launch for the new John Varvatos store on Maiden Lane last week you undoubtedly heard about it from friends the next day. Or indeed, you heard it as it happened… from across town! The music was loud, the crowd was colorful and the party was rockin’ (well, as rockin’ as you can get on Maiden Lane without offending the ladies next door at Chanel.)

Katie Traina, Zara Traina, Danielle Steel, Todd Traina

The Social Directory was represented in full force, from “G” (Gurbaksh Chahal, shown above with designer John Varvatos himself) to “Z “(as in Zara, darling!) The event raised money for The Guardsmen, who are following up with their big Bachelor’s Auction later this week. Go Guardsmen, Go!

(We are glad to see that mother and daughter share the same passion for accessories.)
Some of our favorite people were there — frankly, too numerous to name (you know who you are.) But here are some highlights:
Kate Harbin, Sobia Shaikh, and friend

Justin Fichelson, Lisa Alexander
Kelly Grimes, Elizabeth Touw
Kit Codik, Todd Traina
Keith O’Donnell, Edgardo Chacon (in skirt-pants), Kristen O’Donnell, Elkia Chacon
Pamela Burdak, Nicole Bulick
Tyson Harper, Kristen Harper
Brian Wilsey, Betty Kay Coakley
Keith Ross, Jason Oronzi
Kristen O’Donnell, Shannon Bavaro
Sonya Molodetskaya, Rada Katz, and friend
Adrianna Cox, Kimberly Miller
Mireille Schwartz, with Joel Goodrich in Marc Jacobs
Andrew Guillen, Samuel Alvarez
Kelly Grimes, Holly Grochmal, Jenn Hagan
Joel Goodrich, Melodie Pacheco, Gurbaksh Chahal, David Edrie and friend
Jason Evans, Elizabeth Thompson
JD Elquist, Ezra Miranda
Katie Traina
Franklin Melendez, Elizabeth Varnell
Susanne van Hecke, Tom van Hecke

Love the Marc Jacobs bag?
Jean Larrette, Karen Caldwell
Don Marini, Jessica Mullens
Claire Fluhr, Kelly Grimes
Jill Ritchie, Kimberly Bakker
Danielle Steel, Trevor Traina
Rada Katz, Arnold Laub
Daryl Crawford, Christine Rios
Scot Bondlow, Maria Gistrand
Christine Koerber, Kari Wolsky
Keylee Sanders, Elizabeth Touw
  • Photos: Drew Altizer []