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Joan and John in SF

Joan Walsh of

On Wednesday I attended a noontime fund raiser for John Edwards, and was pleasantly surprised to see Joan Walsh in the audience. Ms. Walsh is Editor in Chief of, the influential news site based here in the South of Market area. If you’re a news junkie, you’ve likely seen her on CNN or MSNBC, where she makes regular appearances discussing le scandale politique du jour, but one rarely sees her at San Francisco social events. And why? Because the woman works! This is what I mean — at the John Edwards event, Ms. Walsh, who publishes major writers such as Tina Brown, Camille Paglia, Joe Conason and Sidney Blumenthal, immediately worked her way through the crowd with notepad and pencil, and started interviewing normal folks on the spot. Can you imagine Phil Bronstein doing such a thing? Or Pat Buchanan, one of her frequent TV debaters? I find it really quite impressive that the person in charge of such an important media operation keeps herself grounded as both journalist and citizen by doing the most basic — and maybe most important — aspect of her profession: asking the questions that need to be asked to get to the truths that need to be found. Good for you, Joan, and good for San Francisco that it’s here where media stay honest.

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