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Jewels, Opening Reception

Jewels, Opening Reception

Jewels, Opening Reception | SFLUXE 7

Readers of San Francisco Luxury Living are invited to a private reception for Jewels (yes, that’s the name of the jewelry designer) on December 2, 2009 at the Colonial Arts Gallery.

Style icons such as Candice Bergen, Sheryl Crow, and Ali MacGraw all collect her work.

DATE: Wednesday, December 2, 2009
TIME: 6:00PM to 9:00PM
LOCATION: Colonial Arts Gallery, 1028 Kearny Street, San Francisco
RSVP REQUIRED: 505-0680 or
Santa Fe and Marrakech-based artist, Jewels’ skillfully-crafted designs are created from fine antique tribal elements; shell, amber, coral, turquoise, gold, charms, glass beads and trade objects. Each handmade piece in Jewels’ collection retains the integrity of the cultural artifact, while enhancing forms with cleverly-crafted details. On December 2, Jewels debuts her new men’s line at Colonial Arts.

About Jewels
Born to American parents, Jewels grew up overseas. From their home base in Tripoli, her family traveled throughout Northern Africa. From Tunis to Tangiers, Jewels recalls wandering through exotic market souks with her mother, learning about the craftsmanship of each local. Following her education in Europe, Jewels spent years traveling, and living in India, South America and North Africa, augmenting her understanding of jewelry design and her knowledge of cultural artifacts.

“The power of the work is in her imaginative use of enigmatic elements which connect the wearer to power of ancient cultures,” said James Eddy, owner of Colonial Arts.

“Her designs are sophisticated and elegantly understated and the beauty of the beads, stones, shells, talismans and other objects are enhanced by the skilled work of her silversmiths and bead weavers. Each piece is a true of art.”

Today, Jewels’ work is shown in exclusive boutiques and galleries throughout the US and Marrakech. Jewels lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Marrakech, Morocco. Her collection will be on view at Colonial Arts from December 2 — 9.

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