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Jessica Silverman Gallery presents Paintings for the Future

Googol, by Shannon Finley, 2015

Often inspired by science as well as science fiction, Shannon Finley’s striking and quite beautiful paintings, with their fascinating overlapping shapes and colors, have become favored by San Francisco collectors since the Jessica Silverman Gallery began exhibiting his work in 2010.

Finley’s newest pieces will premier at the gallery on September 9th, 2015, in a solo exhibit, “Paintings for the Future,” that will run through October 24, 2015.

Nude Descending a Staircaase, by Shannon Finley, 2015

“Finley tends to obsess over particular compositions and, in this exhibition, we see four of his fixations: diamond-like patterns (that he calls “Rhombuses”), spherical configurations (“Orbs”), planetary spaces (“Galaxies”) and curvaceous linear forms (“Waves”),” says Silverman.

“The different compositions create varied visual playgrounds as well as templates for the exploration of relational color and trompe l’oeil space.”

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