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Jeff Koons Collaborates with Dom Perignon

Jeff Koons Collaborates with Dom Perignon

Jeff Koons Collaborates with Dom Perignon | SFLUXE
Jeff Koons for Dom Perignon
Jeff Koons and his Balloon Venus for Dom Perignon.

Richard Geoffrey, Dom Perignon's chef de cave, has recently revealed that Dom Perignon's latest collaboration is with Jeff Koons, the master of kitsch cool — and the result is officially available to buy right now.

Jeff Koons, the American artist famous for super-sizing practically everything, including polychromed aluminum inflatable lobsters and topiary West Highland terriers, is perhaps most famous for his metallic balloon dogs. Since 1994, Jeff Koons' pups have popped up in all sorts of colors, and have even been inside Versailles.

Jeff Koons' Balloon Venus is the one that has been adapted into a made-to-order limited edition sculpture for Dom Perignon, priced at $20,000 and signed by Jeff Koons himself. Inside, there will be a Dom Perignon Rosé Vintage 2003 bottle, ripe with guava, fig, and wild strawberries, also signed by Jeff Koons.

Jeff Koons’ stainless steel masterpieces aren't actually inspired by the marble de Milo in the Louvre or Botticelli's painting of the golden-haired goddess of love, but by a 25-century-old statuette called the Venus of Willendorf. Its bright pink finish makes it more modernized, though.

The good news is that Jeff Koons hasn't overly super-sized this sculpture in its original 2.5m form. Instead, Jeff Koons' Balloon Venus for Dom Perignon is domestically scaled to a mere 60cm.