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Inspirato Launches New Service Called Access

Inspirato and Access
Inspirato has a new service called Access.

Inspirato debuted back in 2011 and ever since then, it has led the charge for destination clubs, providing great homes in great places with low membership costs and without any blackout dates. Today, Inspirato is elevating its members' experiences by launching a brand new venture called Access – one that guarantees access to several sought-after global events.

Inspirato's Access basically focuses on the experiences that Inspirato highlights for any memorable vacation. After all, luxury isn't much about tangible assets, but more about a person's mindset and overall experiences. While things may start with the accommodations, the spokes are much more important in the end.

So far, the VIP events included in Inspirato's Access are a 4-day for the 2013 Masters Golf Tournament (along with an invitation to the exclusive party thereof) and a package for the Sundance Film Festival (along with celebrity party access). In the future, Inspirato aims to add wellness weekends in Cabo San Lucas, as well.

Naturally, every event also comes with accommodations to some of Inspirato’s most luxurious residences or curated 5-star accommodations and services of the place's concierge, typically including reservations to customized itineraries, transportation and even grocery shopping.