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Inside the Men’s Vogue Party

Inside the Men’s Vogue Party

Inside the Men's Vogue Party | SFLUXE 1

Charleston Pierce, Clae Herring, Lorence Manansala and Rachele Gitz

Last week, Men’s Vogue and Hennessy hosted a party to celebrate the launch of Dean Wareham’s new book “Black Postcards: A Rock & Roll Romance,” with a live performance by Dean & Britta at Harlot. It drew a very youthful, fashionable crowd, as one would expect for a Vogue event.

Here are some highlights from the evening, brought to us by photographer Misha Vladimirskiy.

Britta Phillips and Dean Wareham

Clodin Plath, Meghan Lopez and Page Kelly

Kevin Whittaker, Galina Sverdlick and Marchelle Alexander

Christine Lamoore
and Oceana Rain

Rachel Fairbanks and Jeff Singer

Marla Kowalski and Lindsey Helm

Keith Sedgwick and Oceana Rain

Charleston Pierce and Lacey James

Debra Miller and Holly Baxter

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