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I’m Just Mad About Dodie

I’m Just Mad About Dodie

I'm Just Mad About Dodie | SFLUXE 1

I’ve often wondered what kind of splendid affair it would be to explore the closets of Dodie Rosekrans (her clothes are stored in SF, Paris and Venice.) In all San Francisco there is probably no woman with as much haute couture as her — I mean serious haute couture, not the runway hype kinda couture of the ’90s and onward. For instance, in the 1964 photo above (from the San Francisco Chronicle archives) she appears to be wearing, if I’m not mistaken, a Balenciaga dress!

Forty-some years later, she’s still fantastically dressed.

This weekend, Carolyne Zinko wrote a wonderful profile of Dodie for the Chronicle, and got some quotes from those who know her style best.

Designer John Galliano:

I was bowled over by her amazing sense of style, eclectic sense of dress and the way she mixes her vintage ’70s Saint Laurent with Comme des Garçons and Harry Winston jewels… She always wants to buy the pieces straight off the runway, so her collection of Dior and Galliano are all one-of-a-kind, show-stopping pieces, whereas most other couture clients go for more discreet pieces… With all her fantastic stories and seeing her incredible wardrobe, she is a real inspiration.”

Gladys Perint Palmer (Academy of Art University):

She is by far the most imaginative, original dresser I’ve ever met. If Dodie lived in New York rather than San Francisco, she’d be in the Best-Dressed Hall of Fame, but it’s all political and decided in New York.”

Robert Flynn Johnson (Fine Arts Museums):

She loves to be outrageous, but there’s substance behind it.”

Boaz Mazor (Oscar de la Renta):

“When she arrives with unusual shoes and a whole outfit, you know right away everyone is going to stare at you when you get out of the car with her, but with enormous appreciation. Life would be very boring if you didn’t have someone every once in a while like Dodie Rosekrans. It’s like oxygen, for some of us who live and breathe for admiring stylish people. She is the last of a certain era we might never see again.”

The entire article can be found at

If you’ve like to know more about Dodie Rosekrans’ beautiful Pacific Heights home, see “San Francisco: A Certain Style” by Diane Dorrans Saeks, with photos (as shown below) by John Vaughan.
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