Red Carpet Invite To Help HPP!

You can always count on us at SFLuxe to keep you informed of the most important places and events in San Francisco. So when we first heard of HPP we dropped everything to learn more. Was it a hot new restaurant from Alain Ducasse? A private new club? Perhaps another chic Union Square boutique? No, the HPP is even better! Readers of SFLuxe are now being given an amazing opportunity to take part in the success of HPP in San Francisco. But what, exactly, is HPP?


HPP is the Homeless Prenatal Program, and serves a vital role in the lives of some of San Francisco’s most vulnerable people: pregnant, poor women (many of them homeless), and their children.

An alarmed supporter of the HPP recently contacted us in tears to let us know that the organization is in great need of help as we enter the holiday season.

The program provides a wide range of important services, at absolutely no charge, to pregnant women or parents, and their children (ranging from newborns to teenagers!) but they can’t do it without community support.

While they would appreciate donations of food, diapers, and the usual items that any mother or child would need to live healthy happy lives (see the complete list here), those who would prefer to make a monetary donation can use this secure form, with funds going directly to the HPP.

For questions about donations, please contact them at