Housewives of OC Cause Scene at Waterbar SF

Waterbar at 399 Embarcadero, San Francisco

Cast and crew from the “Housewives of Orange County” caused quite a commotion at Waterbar on Friday afternoon, with onlookers Twittering and Facebooking the whole thing as it happened!

housewives of orange county
Filming at Waterbar

One person saw a limo waiting in front of the popular new restaurant overlooking the Bay, and watched as the women stepped out once their photographer and camera man were ready. Apparently it didn’t take long for them to cause a scene once they got inside.

vicki gunvalson

Spies report that Vicki Gunvalson was in full drama queen mode. At 1:11 pm a diner named Elise-Marie commented “These chicks are ridic,” and in just an hour later reported that “Vicki just stormed out and is crying and yelling at a producer. Real life drama. Bravo, Vicki, bravo.”

Someone overheard one of the ladies talking about getting a divorce.

vicki gunvalson

And as if that weren’t enough, someone else saw Vicki yelling at the newest cast member, Alexis Bellino. “Vicki yelled at the new one, “Fuck you bitch,” and stormed out crying,” she said.

Once outside on the Embarcadero, the fight continued. “There was Vicki, with Louis Vuitton bag slung over her shoulder, shouting, pounding her palm with her finger, getting in some woman’s face. Traffic passing by slowed to look.”

Admit it, you would have slowed to look too!

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Photos: via Facebook