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Hotel Chandler Wows Locals and Tourists Alike

Hotel Chandler
Hotel Chandler is a haven for both locals and tourists.

There are times in New York where, as a local, all you really want to do after a busy day is get comfortable on a couch without involving any other familiar faces or trinkets. Conversely, there are tourists who get so excited by the hustle and bustle of Manhattan that they have no idea where to start and thus look for a place to think first. No matter what the case may be, if you need a place that feels like home but is a bit more posh and peaceful, Hotel Chandler is the perfect choice.

Hotel Chandler
Hotel Chandler welcomes people well right from the beginning.

There is nothing about Hotel Chandler that isn't pleasant. It comes at you with minimal surprise with its quaint awning and delicate entry, practically indistinguishable from the rest of the high rises nearby. If it is your first time in Manhattan and are a bit apprehensive of what awaits you in the big city, you are sure to be relieved the minute you enter Hotel Chandler. After all, the staff is friendly, the place is homy and the lobby is a sight to behold!

Hotel Chandler
The rooms at Hotel Chandler are well worth it.

There is nothing that you won't love at Hotel Chandler. Their rooms are cozy and even provide a desk in case you need to work in silence; a comfortable nook where you can socialize, eat and drink; and of course spacious beds for you to rest on as needed. They also have a grandiose Library Room available in Hotel Chandler that never fails to win people over with its parlor-esque ambience.

Hotel Chandler
Feel at ease at Hotel Chandler.

No matter what kind of room you get at Hotel Chandler, though, you will be able to enjoy the complimentary amenities that come with every room. A lot of the time, hotels will hit you with expensive Wi-Fi connections and gyms and swimming pools that are never open when you want them to be.

Hotel Chandler takes complete care of these problems. The Wi-Fi, for one, is complimentary, and their fitness center is available for your use around the clock. You can even enjoy free printer and computer access should you need it. You will even find an umbrella in your room just in case a flash flood occurs. This intense attention to detail results in a completely stress-free and flawless guest experience at Hotel Chandler overall.