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Hell Week’s Best Dressed

Hell Week’s Best Dressed

Hell Week's Best Dressed | SFLUXE 2

After looking through literally thousands of photos that Drew Altizer and his team took at the Symphony and Opera opening parties, SFLuxe has gathered our favorite selections for the week’s best dressed. For the most part, people went beyond basic black, opting instead for interesting proportions, colors and styles. We hope you agree!

First, the Opera:

Pamela Joyner and Deepa Pakianathan

Elizabeth Touw

Elisabeth Laurence

Elizabeth Thieriot with Robert Eves

Amber Marie Bently and Christopher Bently

Olivia Hsu Decker

Sandra Ko

Sonya Molodetskaya with Alan Malouf

Clara Shayevich

Tatiana Sorokko

Sobia Shaikh

Sally Debenham with John Capizzi

Karen Caldwell

Toni Wolfson

And from Symphony Night:

Orkut Buyukkokten with Derek Holbrook

Catherine Marcus with Tom Marcus

Fati Farmanfarmaian

Krista Mitzel Hankinson and Holly Grochmal

Libby Leffler

Kathryn Pellegrini Inglin and Shara Hall

Kelly Grimes and Amanda Sammann

Ayanna Jenkinstoney

Norman Stone and Norah Stone

Chris Rout and Lisa Boohar

Anne Le Ziblatt and Peter Ziblatt

Justin Fichelson and Shaila Freyer

Cameron Phleger

Dr. Manjula Noone and Dr. Patrick Noone

Brandt Hooker with Maria Quiros

Alex Chases with Angelique Griepp and Troy Griepp

Yurie Pascarella

Kathleen Jackson and Chris Jackson

Carolyne Zinko

Mark Jung and Karen Jung

Vera Bland

Martin Lydster and Rosalina Lydster with Faye Ho and Dirk Blum

Damion Matthews and Mireille Schwartz with Amber Marie Bently and Christopher Bently

Stephanie Harmon

Ann Getty and Gordon Getty

Nicole Ancelovici Lenihan and Bill Lenihan

Katya Sorokko and Jason Arnoldy

Bob Perun and Kimberly Ayres

Jennifer Bienaime

Gail Glasser

Kristen Martin

Anette Harris

Katie Jarman

But who was the most stunning, you might ask?

Marissa Mayer, shown here with Robert Fountain before the start of the Symphony, will surely put designer Catherine Martin (wife of director Baz Luhrman) on the map. Absolutely exquisite!