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Gucci Celebrates 90 Years

Gucci Celebrates 90 Years

Gucci Celebrates 90 Years | SFLUXE 2

SFMOMA Supporters Allison Speer, Douglas Durkin and Norah Stone

In celebration of Gucci’s 90th anniversary, the House recently hosted a private cocktail party at its San Francisco store. The exclusive Artisan Corner event brought the craftsmanship of Gucci’s Florentine leather goods factory directly to its clientele, allowing guests to view skilled artisans assembling some of the brands most iconic handbags.

Gucci America President, Laura Lendrum, with Dede Wilsey

As Gucci was a key sponsor of the 21POP installation at SF20, they donated a percentage of proceeds from the evening’s event to SFMOMA, furthering their longstanding commitment to preservation of the arts.

The party also honored SFMOMA’S SF20 Honorary Committee and co chairs, including Gina and Stuart Peterson, Katie Paige, Stanlee Gatti, Allison Speer, Elaine McKeon, and Douglas Durkin.

Stanlee Gatti, Vanessa Getty and Laura Lendrum

Guests including Vanessa Getty, Dede Wilsey, Norah Stone, Barbara Brown, Danielle and George Boutros, Alyson and Brad Jackson, Alicia Engstrom, Emily and Roth Martin, Lindsay Bolton, Summer Walker, Ken Fulk, and Bill Brady mingled and shopped as Gucci artisans from Italy displayed their craft.


A Gucci artisan at work
Summer Tompkins Walker, Ken Fulk – Robert Oren, Brian Grady

Gina Peterson, Stuart Peterson, Norah Stone, Laura Lendrum

Kara Warrin, Vanessa Getty

Mary Beth Shimmon, Lindsay Bolton, Aurelian Lis
Chrisa Sioukas, Voula Tappas – Heidi Pettit, Lily Achatz

Jenna Hunt, Nina Stanford, Victoria Raiser, Kate Sheridan

Antonio Amitrano, Emily Martin

Marisa Scordelis, Liz Neil, Elizabeth Conrady
Franc Harriss, Barbara Brown – Stephanie Oshana, Tyler Mitchell

Laura Lendrum, Joel Goodrich

Brenda Zarate, Jonathan Lazar

Johnny Delashaw, Ricardo Cebrecos, Nikita Mensah
Adriano Paganini, Julie Paganini – Alex Chases, Jessica Hon

Peter Griffith, Bradley Kovacevich, Carolyn Mahboubi

Ray Vega, Laurie Waterhouse

Alyson Harrington, Ali Sonsini Turner, Louise Armour
Louise Armour, Max Armour – Alicia Engstrom, Lex Downing

Laura Compton, Mark Rhoades, Joy Bianchi, Linda Gordon

It was a wonderful treat to see how some of Gucci’s products are made, and at the highest level of quality thanks to these hardworking men and women.

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