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Graff Diamonds Opens in San Francisco

drew barrymore graff ring
Drew Barrymore, with Will Kopelman, wearing her Graff Diamond ring

When art advisor Will Kopelman recently proposed marriage to Drew Barrymore he did so with a magnificent, D-color, radiant cut Graff Diamond (between 3 and 4 carats). It was a great bit of publicity for the London-based company, which seems destined to make 2012 one of its best years yet.

Todd Traina, Kevyn Wynn, Deac Jones, Katie Traina

Todd Traina, Kevyn Wynn, Deac Jones, Katie Traina

In San Francisco one often sees Graff on some of the area’s most prominent and best dressed women, which is why the recent opening of the beautiful Graff Diamonds store at 237 Post Street was such an anticipated affair, covered nationally by Women’s Wear Daily. Featuring French walnut and parchment paneling on the inside and a limestone facade with a bronze window wall on the exterior, the 2,500 square foot store, designed by Peter Marino, is the first for Graff Diamonds to open in California. Customers enter through a beautiful arch with decorative screens over Pentelikon and Cippolino stone floors before entering the hushed environment featuring some of the most beautiful jewelry on earth. Quite a treat!

laurence graff

Laurence Graff, Sara Hills, Austin Hills

Mr. Laurence Graff, Graff’s CEO, hosted the event with Lynne Benioff and Marc Benioff, Bita Daryabari and Reza Malek, Noosheen Hashemi and Zod Nazem, Marrisa Mayer, Deborah Lee Minor, Lonna Wais and Dede Wilsey. The event honored the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital.

Carrie Leighton, Fred Rubenstein, Kameron Golfaghari, Cara Mia Quibell

They were joined by guests such as Kevin Wynn, Elizabeth Theiriot, Christine Suppes, Paula Carano, Barbara Brown, Lindsay Bolton, Yurie and Carl Pascarella, OJ and Gary Shansby, Katie and Todd Traina, Ann and Bob Fisher, Urannia and Brunno Ristow, Danielle and George Boutros, and others.

marissa mayer

Marissa Mayer
Lynne Benioff, Henri Barguirdjian — Allison Speer

“It’s a very exciting market and it’s our first presence on the West Coast,” said Henri Barguirdjian, the president and CEO of Graff USA. “It’s almost like being in a different country.”

With sales reportedly near $800 million for 2011, Graff is doing extremely well. ”What’s interesting is that since the 2008 meltdown, we were fortunate enough to not suffer. There has been a slowdown in the mid- to medium-luxury market but we deal with very high luxury,” he said.

Noosheen Nazen, Zod Nazen

Noosheen Nazen, Zod Nazen
Laura DuBain — Martin Bajda, Galina Bajda

Bita Daryabari

Bita Daryabari
Erin Glenn, Jacob Hartge — Dolly Chammas, Deepa Pakianathan

paula carano

Paula Carano
Marta Scattini, Linda Coates — Lola Ogunrinola, Shanna Frati

lisa alexander

Lisa Alexander, Lindsay Bolton
Camille McDowell, Patrick McDowell
Chip Zecher, Maria Quiros
Camille McDowell, Patrick McDowell — Chip Zecher, Maria Quiros

Barbara Brown, Christine Suppes, O.J. Shansby

Barbara Brown, Christine Suppes, OJ Shansby
Edward Dubrovsky, Olga Dubrovsky
Shari Feldman, Michael Wilk
Edward Dubrovsky, Olga Dubrovsky — Shari Feldman, Michael Wilk

laurence graff

Laurence Graff, Elisabeth Thieriot