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Gown Gawking at the Opera

Gown Gawking at the Opera

Gown Gawking at the Opera | SFLUXE 2

Jennifer Siebel. Photo: Drew Altizer

Though I risk offending a few dozen ladies and their proud partners, I must point out that there is just one woman who clearly took the “prize” (if there were such a thing) of Best Dressed at the San Francisco Opera gala on Friday evening — Jennifer Siebel. It wasn’t just a case of a beautiful woman in a beautiful slinky gown (she wore Maggie Norris), but it was also that she radiated such vitality, confidence and joy.

Newsom and Siebel, photo: Laura Morton for

Jennifer’s youthful, energetic appearance, with beau Gavin Newsom at her side, really defined a new moment for the previously staid opera opening — one where a sexy, young, glamorous crowd has taken center stage. Of course the old guard was still there (they pay the bills, afterall!), but to keep the institution alive it needs the support of new people.

But while it’s nice to see everyone looking so glam, one is disappointed that the glammest of them all was a no-show. Vanessa Getty, where are you?

Here, from Drew Altizer, scenes from the red carpet, 2008 (and by the way, don’t miss the fabulous video coverage of the evening by

Shell Cardon, in vintage Bill Blass
Serge and Tatiana Sorokko
Kimberly Bini, in vintage I. Magnin

Amber Marie Bently, in Emanuel Ungaro
Susan Kulick
Goretti Lo Lui in Walter Mah
Isha Abdullah in Emanuel Ungaro
Charlot Malin in Balenciaga
Jennifer Siebel, Kimberly Bini, Kimberly Bakker
Marybeth La Motte and Cheryl Baxter (gala co-chairs)
Sobia Shaikh
Dianne Taube
(And maybe she’s not as young as the others, but Jeannik Mequet Littlefield is absolutely divine!)