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Gogol Bordello in San Francisco

Gogol Bordello in San Francisco

Photo by Johnny Grim, via Flickr.

Gogol Bordello played at the Fillmore a few days ago, and I’m terribly terribly disappointed with myself because I completely forgot to go.

The gypsy-punk band is the hottest thing with all the cool kids these days, like 49-year old kid Madonna, who had them to Ashcombe House earlier in the month to help celebrate her birthday.

Madonna and Gogol Bordello, August 2007.

The writer for Tenacious Hand Stamp did attend (the Fillmore, not Madonna’s!), and wrote a review of what a great time everyone had, including another cool kid — a 75-year old woman (“She must have gone straight through the crowd and joined the mayhem in the pit. Perhaps she was going to crowd surf.”)

“Gogol Bordello brought a fresh element of excitement, rigor and sheer musical passion to everyone at the Fillmore. At one point during their set I couldn’t even hear the frontman, Eugene Hutz, because the sing-along crowd was drowning him out. It didn’t matter where you were in the audience, because it felt like at any given moment, he was going to leap into the crowd just to be a part of it. Gogol Bordello made us feel like they were at The Fillmore for us; not the other way around. “

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