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Go Shopping!

Go Shopping!

Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, with Sarah Berger. Photo by Orange Exposure.

I thought of going to the Commonwealth Club on the 23rd for the appearance by YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. Afterall, they’ve changed life on planet Earth as we know it. They’re important!

But then I thought — do I really care what these kids have to say? All I would have cared about is how they dressed, anyhow. Surely now that they’re worth hundreds of millions of dollars they’ve been buying some really fabulous clothes.

Wouldn’t you?

Well, as you can tell, they ain’t even buying fancy haircuts. Did Chad borrow that jacket from his dad? And what’s with wearing a white undershirt beneath all that black? Come on, sweetie, we can see the t-shirt. Can you just try?

Sloppy dressing may be fine when you’re schlepping around the Penninsula, stuck behind some cubicle all day; but before taking the stage in San Francisco, GO SHOPPING. Splurge a little. Maybe buy stuff that fits.

And please tuck in your shirt.