Gavin’s Awkward Evening

SFluxe doesn’t follow local politics very closely, but even we know that San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa are both planning to enter the race for Governor in 2011. So what could it possibly mean when Willie Brown and Kamala Harris are on the host committee for an event at the Neiman-Marcus Rotunda to raise money for… Antonio Villaraigosa??

Our friend Luke Thomas was at the event, and as he wrote in this fascinating story at the, Newsom and Jennifer Siebel “stayed long enough to be noticed but left somewhat hastily with some detectably uncomfortable body language in tow following a brief exchange with Villaraigosa.”

Luke’s photos from the encounter certainly bear that out. You have to see the photo he took of suave (and single!) Villaraigosa inching ever so close to Ms. Siebel as… well, this is how Luke phrased it:

“Villaraigosa, such the charmer, locks eyes on perspiring actress Jennifer Siebel with Mayor Gavin Newsom at her side.”

Shameless! It’s not enough that he has the support of Willie and Kamala, he has to go after the guy’s fiancee too?