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Galanos at Sorokko

Galanos at Sorokko

Galanos at Sorokko | SFLUXE

Since his retirement in 1998, the masterful designer James Galanos has taken up art photography. He makes paper collages, then photographs them in his home studio (one of his images, available for purchase from the Sorokko Gallery, is shown above.)

The first-ever show of his photography will be held this week at the Serge Sorokko Gallery on Grant Avenue.

The SF Chronicle’s Carolyne Zinko used the occasion to catch up with the 82-year old at his residence in the West Hollywood Hills. Though he prefers to speak about his artwork than his past career in fashion, he does have some opinions on the state of things today:

We’re living in a blue-jean world with itty-bitty tops. What a bore. These women look dirty. They look unkempt. The masses are a mess. Whoever perpetuated the bare-belly look ought to be hanged.”

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Let that be a tip on what not to wear to the opening, ladies!

Read the full article at SFGate.

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