Future of Fashion: Schweitzberger & Andersen

Design by Jenny Schweitzberger.

Design by Lene Secher Andersen.

It was announced at the Academy of Art runway show that Jenny Schweitzberger and Lene Secher Andersen were the lucky ladies to receive internships with Zac Posen and Loulou de la Falaise (respectively.)

It must have been difficult for the designer/judges to make their decision, since all of the students are skilled, talented, and ready to get to work. The audience seemed to agree, including John Capizzi of Neiman Marcus, who nodded enthusiastically at the work of Yu-Shin Kim, Lene Secher Andersen, Nadia Webster, Shannon Galati and Stephanie Garges, among others.

Design by Yu-Shin Mue Kim, inspired by Leigh Bowery.

Dino Ray Ramos of “Dressed” calls Yu-Shin Mue Kim’s crowd-pleasing knits (above) “the most bizarrely brilliant” collection of the show.

Kim, of J’adore Couture, enjoyed the designs of Ann Gobeille, Megan Godfrey, Yaling Hou, Su-in Yoon, Diana Bustamante, and Jenny Schweitzberger, whose collection she describes as “Ralph Lauren meets Alexander McQueen.”

Sylvia Rubin of the Chronicle says that Schweitzberger’s “collection of earth-tone, Western-inspired fitted wool coats and jackets with slim pants, as well as a silky pale blue scoop-neck cocktail dress, showed a high level of sophistication.” SFGate.com produced a video from the event, which can be seen here.

And over at Vox, Musank raves about almost everything she saw. Best of all, she has some excellent photos of the show, taken by her boyfriend, Christian Hadidjaja.