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From Chintz to Chic

When I showed this beautiful Scott Street condo, facing Alta Plaza Park, to a client in April, I knew immediately that it would sell quickly. And indeed it did. Within days it sold for $2,170,000 — almost $200,000 more than the asking price (and $1,080,000 more than it sold for in July 2005.)

What I didn’t know was just how horrible the place looked before it had been renovated, and what a truly remarkable job the designer had done.

This month, “California Home+Design” has featured the home in its pages. “A Heightened Awareness: San Francisco architect Jennifer Weiss turned a 1960s apartment into an airy space illuminated by park views and a remarkable art collection,” written by Julie Carlson, and photographed by Laura Plageman, gives a full history of how the condo came to be.

But only at SFLuxe will you see the way it was before. It’s an amazing transformation!

— Damion Matthews

Bathroom, 2005:
Bathroom, 2008:
Kitchen, 2005:
Kitchen, 2008:
Living room, 2005:
Living room, 2008:

  • Photos (2008 version): Laura Plageman []
  • Further Information (architect): Jennifer Weiss []
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