Francis Ford Coppola Winery Celebrates Diamond on the Diamond

Francis Ford Coppola Winery recently hosted its third annual “Diamond on the Diamond” event at AT&T Park, which highlights the winery’s Diamond Collection wines, while watching the San Francisco Giants beat the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Aseem Gupta, Janny Hu
Aseem Gupta, Janny Hu (Photos by: Drew Altizer)

Taking place in Virgin America Loft at McCovey Cove, the ballpark’s private, open-air, two-story suite in the right field arcade wall, the evening offered great weather, a perfect opportunity to mingle with the Coppola wine-making team, sip on Diamond Collection wines, and experience one of America’s favorite pastimes.

Cy Musiker, Nick Agius
Cy Musiker, Nick Agius (Photos by: Drew Altizer)
Michael Finney, Brenda Finney
Michael Finney, Brenda Finney (Photos by: Drew Altizer)
Jim Gordon, Kathy Gordon
Jim Gordon, Kathy Gordon (Photos by: Drew Altizer)
John Musto, Jon Steinberg
John Musto, Jon Steinberg (Photos by: Drew Altizer)
Katie Sweeney
Katie Sweeney (Photos by: Drew Altizer)
Kelly Ann Wargo, Matthew Rodriguez
Kelly Ann Wargo, Matthew Rodriguez (Photos by: Drew Altizer)
Francois Cordesse, Irene Edwards
Francois Cordesse, Irene Edwards (Photos by: Drew Altizer)
Nino Padova, Sandy Walheim
Nino Padova, Sandy Walheim (Photos by: Drew Altizer)
Ray Del Fierro, Megan Rech
Ray Del Fierro, Megan Rech (Photos by: Drew Altizer)