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Fortune Celebrates 40 Hottest Stars in Business

Fortune Celebrates 40 Hottest Stars in Business

Fortune Celebrates 40 Hottest Stars in Business | SFLUXE

Dolf van den Brink

Adam Fagan, Dolf van den Brink (Heineken CEO) and Eric Ryan (Method Home Co-Founder)

It was an evening of Heineken and Cartier in San Francisco, when Fortune Magazine recently brought together an eclectic group of business leaders that were featured in their recent issue entitled, “40 Under 40: Hottest Young Stars in Business.”

Held at the Obscura Digital headquarters in the Dogpatch district, the party was a wonderful mix of people, featuring founders and CEOs from the most notable companies of our time such as Twitter, Pinterest, Zillow, Sandoz Novartis, Method, PepsiCo, and Heineken.

Sponsored by Cartier, American Airlines, Johnston & Murphy, NASDAQ OMX, with catering by Taste, the event was the second of its kind in San Francisco, and will surely be followed by more for many years to come as San Francisco takes its place as the premier center for business innovation and leadership in the United States.

Here is a sampling of some of the “40 Under 40” at this year’s party.

Dolf van den Brink

Dolf van den Brink

Dolf van den Brink, Heineken’s President and CEO, made it to No. 8 on Fortune’s list for engineering a turnaround at the company since taking its leadership spot in 2009.

brian chesky

Brian Chesky with Fortune’s Leigh Gallagher, Dan Roberts

Brian Chesky, No. 17 on Fortune’s list, co-founded Airbnb with Joe Gebbia and Nathan Blecharczyk, was selected to be featured by the magazine rather than his co-founders because, as they put it, “Chesky runs the show, getting out in front of issues like hotel occupancy taxes and increasingly making the rounds at mogul confabs.”

kevin systrom

Kevin Systrom with Leigh Gallagher

Number 39 on last year’s Fortune 40 list, Kevin Systrom, Co-founder and CEO of Instagram, was made No. 18 this year. After being acquired by Facebook for $1 billion, Systrom and his 16-person team work independently within Facebook.

ben silberman

Fortune’s Andrew Serwer chats with Ben Silbermann

Ben Silbermann, the Founder and CEO of Pinterest, ties with Kevin Systrom in the No. 18 position on Fortune’s list this year. No surprise there — it’s the fastest-growing website in Internet history, and its growth shows no sign of slowing!

Michael Hasenstab

Michael Hasenstab, Mary Anne Hasenstab with Fortune’s Scott Cendrowski

As Portfolio Manager for Franklin Templeton, Michael Hasenstab made it to No. 22 on the Fortune list. He’s called “one of the biggest winners from the eurozone crisis,” because his $60 billion Templeton Global Bond Fund has gained 10% this year!

Fortune top 40 under 40

Kevin Systrom, Hosain Rahman, and Scott Stanford

Co-founder and CEO of Jawbone, Hosain Rahman is No. 24 on the Fortune list. His company is famous for its slickly designed Bluetooth headsets and its newest product — the UP, a wristband computer.

adam lowry, Eric Ryan

Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan

As Co-Founders of Method Home, Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan tied for No. 28 on the Fortune list. It seems everyone has Method somewhere in their home, so it’s no surprise that the 12-year-old green cleaning-product maker has recently doubled the size of its revenue.

Mauro Porcini

Mauro Porcini

Taking the No. 30 position on the Fortune list is Mauro Porcini, the Chief Design Officer for PepsiCo. It’s the first such position at PepsiCo, where he is said to “evangelize for the incorporation of design principles into all of an organization’s processes.”

david chang

Dan Roberts, Christina Turley, David Chang

David Chang is No. 31 on the list. As Founder and chef of Momofuku Restaurant Group, this son of Korean immigrants now has nearly 500 employees working in his Momofuku restaurants around the world. The son of Korean immigrants, has picked up three prestigious James Beard awards and has received three James Beard awards.

Jess Lee

Colleen Leahey, Eddie Wu, Jess Lee

Polyvore’s Co-founder and CEO, Jess Lee, is No. 32 on Fortune’s list. Noting that “five-year-old Polyvore is having its best year yet,” Fortune says “The social design hub has seen its highest traffic ever this year, and will more than double its advertising revenue.”

Tracy Britt

Alka Tandon and Tracy Britt

As the financial assistant to Warren Buffett, Tracy Britt is No. 33 on the Fortune list. Of all the moguls, boy billionaires and business visionaries on the list, we find Britt’s story the most intriguing. Just 28 years-old, she has already been made chairman, by Warren Buffett, of both Benjamin Moore and Larson-Juhl. As Fortune notes, “With Buffett as a mentor, it’s safe to say big things are in Britt’s future.”

Kat Borlongan, Ben Rattray

Kat Borlongan and Ben Rattray

Taking the No. 34 spot on the list is Ben Rattray, Founder and CEO of His company grabbed Fortune’s attention with these numbers — with more than 20 million users, it “generates a jaw-dropping 15,000 petitions per month, and will bring in some $15 million in revenue this year, mostly from nonprofit advertising.”

Emil Michael, Rob Chandhok, John Herring, Fared Adib, David Weiden

Emil Michael, Rob Chandhok, John Herring, Fared Adib, David Weiden

John Herring is in the 36th spot, as Co-founder and CEO of Lookout. The company’s mobile security algorithm scans your smartphone for Malware and other security problems. According to Fortune, “In 18 months Lookout has tripled in size, largely through deals with major telecom providers like Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. It now has more than 25 million users and is valued at $1 billion.”

Mattcohler, Jessica Berelli, Ali Rowghani

Matt Cohler with Jessica Berelli and Twitter CFO Ali Rowghani

As General Partner of Benchmark Capital, Matt Cohler is No. 40 on the Fortune list. He was one of the earliest employees at Facebook and LinkedIn, and is currently backing startups like Instagram, Dropbox, and Asana.

Aside from the “40 Under 40” mentioned above, we were delighted to see other interesting guests who are clearly on Fortune’s radar for their influence in business, such as Twitter CFO Ali Rowghani, uBeam founder Meredith Perry, Founders Den founder Jason Johnson, Flixmaster founder Erika Trautman, SunRun Co-founders Lynn Jurich and Edward Fenster, HealthTap Founder Ron Gutman, Jeff George, the global head of Sandoz Novartis, Bonobos CEO and founder Andy Dunn, Google’s Megan Smith, and several others.

Brad Murray, Lynn Jurich – Erika Trautman, Jessi Hempel

Fortune top 40 under 40

Daniel Griss, Akemi Tamaribuchi, and Dropbox Co-Founder Arash Ferdowsi

Jess Lee, Kate Rojas – Airbnb’s Nathan Blecharczyk, Andrew Romans

Megan Smith, Will Patrick, Jessi Hempel

Google’s Megan Smith and Will Patrick, with Jessi Hempel

Jed Hartman, Gary Lauder, Guillaume Alix – Cartier’s Kiyo Taga, Christine Goppel

Fortune top 40 under 40

Nicole Schuetz with Goldman Sachs’ Scott Stanford and wife Nina Stanford

Ingrid Ryan, Eric Ryan – Thomas Liu, Jessica Hon

Joe Gebbia, Chloe Harris Frankeny

Airbnb Co-founder Joe Gebbia with 7×7’s Chloe Harris Frankeny

Pam Schroeder, Jeanne Louis – Dave Chang, Ben Silbermann

Fortune top 40 under 40

Founders Den Founder Jason Johnson, with Yves Behar and Reema Bahnasy

Jessica Lessis, Justin Fishner Wolfson, Kathy Chan – Chloe Harris Frankeny, Jodi Nakatsuka

Colleen Leahey, Meredith Perry

Colleen Leahey with uBeam Founder Meredith Perry

Monica Sembler, Peter Matthews, Rick Gruber, Sarah Rathman – Patrick Riley, Navi Ganancial

Fortune top 40 under 40

Alka Tandon, Elizabeth Knopf, Marta Salas-Porras, Tracy Britt

HealthTap’s Ron Gutman – Sydney Mannion and Guest with Allison Speer of Allison Speer PR

Fortune top 40 under 40

Bob McCooey of Nasdaq OMX with Bonobos CEO Andy Dunn, and Sunrun founder Edward Fenster

Ken Chase, Dawn Lyon, Amy Bohutinsky – Maren Kate, Chantel Waterbury

Chris Fanini, David Rusenko, Julie Supan, Dan Veltri

Weebly’s Chris Fanini and David Rusenko, Julie Supan and Dan Veltri

Hannah Yuan, John Tran – Margaret Teskey, Jessica Norton

Fortune top 40 under 40

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