Five Ways to Get the Best Deal on your Car Insurance Renewal

car insurance

DON’T be one of the millions of drivers who simply renew car insurance without checking whether they can cut bills by switching insurer. Cashflow has teamed up with finance comparison site to help readers compare the best deals on credit cards, loans, mortgages and insurance. Here, its head of content, CLARE FRANCIS , looks at five ways to reduce car insurance premiums?

1. Get your mileage right When an insurer asks how many miles you drive, don’t pluck a random figure out of the air, as it could result in you paying more for your cover than you need to. Work out how many miles roughly you do a week and multiply this by 52 to give you a yearly total. The lower your mileage, the less your premiums will cost, so it pays to get your figures right. 2. NEVER accept the renewal quote offered by your existing insurer Don’t accept your renewal quote without seeing if you can get a more competitive quote elsewhere…more »

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