Feb. 21: Icebee Yougurt Open

Now Open

San Francisco, CA (February 18, 2008) – Icebee is Free Style Swirling its way into San Francisco with its healthy and delicious non-fat frozen yogurt. Icebee frozen yogurt is made fresh daily and full of nutritious vitamins and probiotics. The new restaurant concept allows customers to build their own creations by swirling their own yogurt flavors and adding their personalized toppings.

“We wanted to deliver a rich and tasty yogurt in a variety of flavors and toppings that will make you forget that you are eating something healthy. Because you are preparing your own yogurt, just how you like it, you are certain to be satisfied with the result: a guilt free treat!” says Director of Operations and CFO, Janice Wong.

Icebee offers a variety of non-fat and sugar free frozen yogurt flavors and a seemingly limitless selection of toppings, along with the freedom to build your own flavor creation and pay by the ounce. Flavors include the popular natural yogurt, a variety of unique fruit flavors, and traditional vanilla and chocolate. When paired with the vast assortment of toppings offered including fresh cut fruit, nuts, cereals, and classic standbys like chocolate chips, Icebee delivers an indulgence that is as sweet and as sound as the customer chooses to make it.

Free Style Swirling at Icebee is $0.36 an ounce. Icebee is located at 829 Mission St. San Francisco, CA 94103. It is now open daily from 11am to 11pm. For more information please contact Christina Manzur at [email protected]